October 17, 2012

Adventures of the Nina Ricci Girl: blind dates part two

Cafe Europe, 7:45PM

Ponette pulled open the door to Cafe Europe. She and her friends (Christine, Isabella and Fred) played the Blind Date Night game whenever they were bored and/or between boyfriends. Names were placed in a bowl (nobody wore hats these days sadly except European Royals and pretentious stylists). Ponette had to find someone for Christine. And she hadn't given it any thought until she entered the cafe - a notorious hangout for gayass golfing retards who are way too old to wear Abercrombie and Fitch and even stupider blondes. Just the type Christine loved.

Ponette approached a tallish guy with an orange complexion, loafers and a sweater draped over his shoulders. In jeans. Ponette's fashion god will send this guy to hell. 

"Hi. Are you interested in earning $200?"
"Um. Sure." Good. Loafer guy needed extra cash to support the tanning business.
"My friends and I are having our blind date night tonight and I need somebody for my friend Christine. What do you do for work?"
"I'm unemployed."
"Then what are you doing at a bar? You should be out looking for work."
"Looks like I found some, no?" His veneers were rather horrid.
"You're not a professional are you?
"A professional what?"
"Male prostitution services."
"Well, I'm flattered you think so but no. I'm an unemployed actor"
"Same difference. Listen.." Ponette saw her friends walk in over the guy's shoulder.
"Your name is David and you're a banker. At JP Morgan. We know each other from there. You like cats." She leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek, slipping $200 into his shirt pocket. Good lord, he even wore the A&F perfume.  "and dude, you are so too old to be wearing that stuff. Buy yourself some Burberry."

later outside the bar having a cigarette

"Oh my god, I can't believe you went to that much trouble!" Christine gave her a hug.
"But you believe it, right?"
"Oh honey, he is amazing." Christine pulled out her own smokes and lighted up.
"Well, don't get too carried away. It's just a first date. And you never know. He might be fibbing."
"But he says you know him so he can't be all bad."
"I do? Yes. I do. That's right. Well, still, I only know him from the bank. He may be a weirdo or an open stamp collector. Just be a little less excited for now. Keep the perspective." Ponette took a long drag of a cigarette while pulling her coat closer.

Ponette and her date, Harald, back at the table having drinks

"How old are you?" Poor manners. And really, look whose talking. Ponette was certain Mr. Too Smooth Forehead saw through to his scalp when he checked his hair in the car mirror. Oh la la. We can't have that.
"I can't remember."

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photo of the Nina Ricci pre-fall collection 2012 courtesy of style.com 
no association exists between this writer and Nina Ricci
Nina Ricci silk dress and faux fur coat from the fall winter 2012 collection

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