September 16, 2012

we love House of Holland at London Fashion Week

We love just about everything about this look except the shoes. We'd opt for these Surface to Air ankle boots (quite splendid with this outfit). Everything else we'll take plus at least three additional looks from the House of Holland. We're set for the Spring.

Okay, here we'd lose the glasses and shoes but are partial to pencil skirts for next Spring. We'll start practicing over the Autumn and Winter. Shoes? Hmm..Prada Mary Janes always work or some round-toed platform pumps or for a third alternative those Gucci Suede sandals with ankle socks. Oh, and a purple bag. "Ton in ton" as my granny Violet would say or "one primary color, different shades. Parfait."

For a trip to the market, we'll go with a slightly shorter shift dress and the leather jacket in case we crash.  Flip flops work or strappy flat sandals or ballerinas or ankle boots. Did we mention we love the hair? We love the hair.

the entire show House of Holland can be viewed here at

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