September 8, 2012

The Merry Widows: Dolce & Gabbana Fall Ad Campaigns

Rosita sat by the bed and waited. "In nomine Patris, Filii et spiritus sancti" The smell of oil as it seeped through the crevices on Federico's forehead lay sweet in the stifling heat. Padre Lorenzo paused. Rosita looked up.

Federico died in his sleep thank god so she didn't have to wail and beat her chest. Mama most certainly added her special ingredient into Federico's pesto alla calabrese to help him along into the afterlife. He ate until he fell face forward into his plate. "Figlio di puttana," Mama daintily wiped her mouth with a lace handkerchief after spitting on the floor, made a sign of the cross and bowed her head in prayer. Padre Lorenzo was called.

"I walked to my closet and took out the dress I had bought. I touched the lace.  It was fine and delicate. The zipper glided open, separating like a fine tooth comb skimming through baby hair. Padre Lorenzo will dance with me at the funeral."

 we totally love black and merry widows.

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