September 5, 2012

skirting the issue: naked knees

Minis: Love the skirt, love the sweater and the bag. We'd wear ankle boots but the feathery shoes look cute on skinny fashionista models. Yes. We do know this is Alexa Chung. Tallyho.

Prints: We adore this leopard print pencil skirt and everything else shown with it. Okay. Except the hat. We are not into these types of newspaper boy hats but hey, if they suit you, go for it. Autumn is the perfect time to wear adornments for chic as opposed to wearing them for warmth.

Pleats: We love bright colors used sparingly: hence we approve of the shoes with fuschia socks.  What looks better than a pleated skirt with bobby socks? A red pleated skirt. Enjoy the the remaining mild days to bare the legs ladies. No matter how much the maxi skirt is en trend this season, we salute naked knees.

Adios. New York Fashion Week here we come. What's better than not knowing what to wear for the autumn by finding out what's trending for next Spring.

photos and looks via Harpers Bazaar


N.Scott said...

Does this mean that leopard print is back? I noticed Kate Spade also has a leopard print a-line dress out. Hallelujah! When it was 'in' I bought three metres of fabric and never got around to making that outfit. I suppose I could make a handbag....though, I'm not sure I want to make that statement every day.

Veronika said...

Absolutey it's back. Handbag sounds great because the colors are great for winter. Plus if you get sick of leopard, just use another bag. :)