September 27, 2012

Paris Fashion Week: Rochas and Clark Gable

Source: via Veronika on Pinterest

Rochas has a special place in our hearts. "Femme" was the first perfume to be placed on an item of furniture at the foot of my single childrens bed one used to call a 'dresser' along with costume jewelry one had to have and never wore ( I suppose the minimalist gene was given to me at birth and I destroyed all the photos from my "I'm so Desperately Seeking Susan" phase, so my reputation and the jewelry remains officially untouched)

Hemlines may remind us of the 1930's and 40's as cashmere, chiffon and sublime silk glide down the runway conjuring up Claudette Colbert but designer Marco Zanini (there is an ice cream parlor down the street named Zanini) makes it decidedly creamy and fresh.

We'll don the silk and wait for our Clark Gable to rescue us with wittatainment. And let us say, our "Clark" is very witty. We love him so.

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