September 29, 2012

look of the day: the artful mismatch

Velma Dinkley would approve (how awesome is the name 'Velma Dinkley?) so off we go in search of the artful mismatch. Well, obviously, we have found the AM (see above and below). Even the black clad can embrace the style as 'black only' is  code for lazy/I can't be bothered/am way too busy to shop for colors. Hence the jauntily mismatched is la chose. So go for it.  

Important to remember about this look: chunky pieces require chunky shoes or ankle boots. Please no pointy shoes with the bulkier sweaters, skirts and cape coats. So wrong.  (A bit of elevation i.e. heels are crucial for longer skirts ladies: no flats please unless you're Karlie Kloss or 11 years old. Minis on the other hand aren't awful with the right flats).

The slant of the sun's rays (you guys do know they slant differently in the fall and winter, don't you?) reveal the delight of bright. So go forth and be subtly bright. We only do subtle.

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