September 15, 2012

hippies use backdoor: Daria Werbowy for Elle France

This is the look, a style, a philosophy of clothes, of wearing clothes we love. One cool piece worn like you don't give a shit and more importantly, you really don't give a shit. We don't buy Prada or Gucci or Dior to wear the labels inside out and store in silk bags.  Wear things - anything, no matter where you buy - with the confidence of having the Lady Violet as your granny. And remember, defeatism is so middle class. So go rock the world. 

shirt Ralph Lauren Denim
t shirt Replay Maestro
Sequin pants Claudi Pierlot
necklace Hod
bracelet Chan Luu Sur Vestiairecollective
rings and boots: personal

photo of Daria Werbowy courtesy of Elle France

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