September 27, 2012

of nuns and chic: Dries Van Noten

Audrey Hepburn would definitely have opted for one of these carefully mismatched outfits when escaping from Catholic captivity in that nun movie she suffered through. What better way to make a grand entrance into society from behind convent walls than in pure Dries Van Noten?  We think Dries we think nun albeit an extremely cool one. This designer is definitely one stop shopping for the style deprived nun wanting to morph into a super skinny cool chic chick.  In our imagination, we figure nuns don't eat much (self-imposed austerity, no?) and are therefore perfect candidates for the artfully loose and modest silhouettes Dries Van Noten favors.

Furious fashionistas need ages searching through vintage shops, the flea market at Porte de la Clignancourt, shopping labels along Via Dei Condotti in Rome and grabbing a $5 tshirt from Old Navy to assemble something as intentionally effortless as Dries Van Noten does for one collection. Did we mention we love? We do. And now, for some bread and water.

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