August 5, 2012

The Great Race: Kat vs Christina

Kat Dennings and Christiana Hendricks
If you think the 100 M dash is the greatest race, then we won't contradict you. However, the race that requires no running has entertainment value as well, we think. So, we can't imagine anyone having a conversation with these girls. Can you imagine having a conversation with these girls? You know how boobage inflates and deflates as the ladies breathe? Obviously, they are not in a state of agitation here but what happens when they are? Will the seams give way to reveal the rest? All very interesting questions. But the most interesting question is we pose to Ms. Dennings and Ms. Hendricks: do you really not mind attracting attention for the decolltee alone? We salute your confidence, ladies.

To the question of who wore the Vivienne Westwood dress best, we have this observation: Kat Dennings definitely looks like she'd get the better deal during negotiations but Christina would get a lovely meal. In the chest out, stomach in race: Christina would win; it'd be close but she'd win by a nipple.

photos of Ms. Dennings and Ms. Hendricks courtesy of The Daily


N.Scott said...

I don't know about this look. While I occassionally like to flaunt the décolletage at some point they're starting to look like bums.

Veronika said...

Kat's boobs look like a saggy bum and Christina's boobs look like a bum with implants. Did you ever see that movie with Meryl Streep "Death Becomes Her"? There is one scene where she has her head on backwards. These two remind me of that. :)