August 2, 2012

Project Runway Episode 2 Recap: Sweet & Sour

Ven's winning
Heidi had on a rather fabulous dress while explaining challenge to the designers (make a dress out of candy while promoting guest judge Dylan Lauren's Candy Shop) but we haven't discovered a picture of it anywhere. Oh well.

Ven the Zen won this week's challenge: we still stand by our statement he designs for the Queen of Versailles clique. The dress is definitely wearable for all the housewives of tv land and one would not imagine it's made of crushed rock candy. La di da - we still think it's a rather boring design - well-crafted no question - but ultimately boring.

Lantie loses out with this one
 Lantie lost with the "my first idea sucked so I'll disembowel the umbrellas" look.  (yes, Dylan's sells umbrellas too) And no, even if it had been a "make a dress out of an umbrella" challenge, she would not have won. What is this?

Melissa's Candy design
Black and white goth girl Melissa made it two out of two (she had the second best design last week) with this licorice rocker chick outfit. Best use of the most disgusting candy ever and those coils make for a fantastic skirt. Bravo. 

Dmitry's shimmy worthy dress
Dmitry's ballroom dancing roots have surfaced with quite clever implementation we think: fringes. Lose the wrap-around-strangle-me-timber top half and we are ready to shimmy in the skirt. Dmitry goes on our "ones to watch" list.

Sonjia's design front view
Sonjia (pronounced Son-gee) was runner-up to Ven's design. We love the use of the blues (sea off the coast of Sardinia - always a positive association), find the floppy flap a bit odd and think the top half wants to be a swimsuit. Nevertheless, well done: this outfit works on both sides, don't you think?

Sonjia's design rear view which could work as the front too
Andrea's apron/bustle creation
Andrea giant Harlequin lady might want to submit this design for appraisal for the upcoming "50 Shades of Gray" movie production. We've got the half servant/half slut thing going here, no?

Gunnar's checkmate
Anybody who knows anything about their pantone and/or has read Goethe's The Theory of Colors knows that black and yellow mixes up to brown i.e. poo and is a most unfortunate choice. Squint your eyes: exactly. And we suspect the only reason 'peplums' are all the rage is because fashionistas love hearing themselves say 'peplums' over and over again like a parrot. 

Gunnar the Obnoxious uber queen is annoying which is precisely why he'll be around for a while we expect.  

Elena's candy caper
Elena who appears to get her inspiration from aliens and fencing, used strings of something to design this. She would have saved herself lots of gluing by cutting a hole in a box. Seriously. We think she will be the one to jump the designer ship next episode. A guy trying to feel you up in this dress will need a blow torch.

Buffi's ode to Carrie Bradshaw
 Miss Buffi "oh I'm so pink pink pink punk" used those sugar coated whips for her top and dedicated the design to "Carrie Bradshaw".  When describing her outfit to the judges, they were of the opinion Carrie Bradshaw would never wear this. We disagree most vehemently. Carrie would so have worn this. And we know Carrie had rather worse faux pas during the run of the show than this. (We do wonder what last week's guest judge Ms. Patricia Field would have said to this.) 

Alicia's design
Pebbles and BamBam would have loved Alicia's jumpsuit and Koonan stayed true to his style: exuberantly intricate (below).

Koonan's squaw-like outfit

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