August 9, 2012

leaps of faith: Karlie Kloss and the Olympiads

Ashton Eaton and Karlie Kloss in "Dream Boy"
"I've never had to hurdle over a super model" says decathlete Ashton Eaton during a break of the Vogue photo shoot with Karlie Kloss. No faking, no photo shop - he really did take the leap. Ms. Kloss had faith. So do we. Ashton Eaton is expected to win his first Olympic gold medal today. (update: he won)

Karlie Kloss and Ryan Lochte in "The Siren lures the bachelor"
Should Ryan Lochte be the next "Bachelor"? Apparently, it's a serious possibility, according to US magazine. We already know he likes one-night stands and pees in pools. "The Bachelor" would be perfect. Even we would watch that.

Karlie Kloss and the Bryran Brothers in "It's a Gas"
"There's no bigger match we'd rather win than that one,'' Bob said. "Centre Court, Wimbledon, for our country, for each other. We're 34 years old, and we've played tennis since we were 2 years old. That's a lot of balls going across the net, and this is it. This is the top of the mountain.'' Bob and Mike Bryan won gold in the mens tennis doubles in London a few days ago. We also think all ball girls should wear the outfit Karlie is wearing.

Karlie Kloss and Dwyane Wade in "Bewitched"
"You know I’m a competitor,” Wade said. “I watch games and I’m like, Damn I should be there, I can see myself out there. And in that sense I wish I was there. It would have been special as this would have been my last Olympics, but at the same time, they got a lot of great guys on the team and the game is in great hands." Dwyane Wade is cheering on the team instead. He plays for the Miami Heat.
(In the behind-the-scenes video we saw, Karlie was wearing golden shoes while sitting on the basket. We like them better.)

In June, Vogue ran an editorial about potential gold medalists. Well, now we are actually seeing these athletes perform and can appreciate their skills even more. So back we go to June and here we give you Karlie Kloss with Ashton Eaton, decathlete; gold medalist swimmer Ryan Lochte; tennis players Bob and Mike Bryan and basketballer Dwyane Wade, who was supposed to play for team USA but instead opted for knee surgery.

photos courtesy of Annie Leibovitz for Vogue USA

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