August 18, 2012

just a daydream while lounging in the grass

A possible daydream while lying in the grass wearing a fabulous red gown. 

"She was staring out the window, savoring a quiet moment to herself. Luc’s reflection appeared suddenly behind hers. Although she had willed him to come find her, it still startled her. A small gasp escaped her lips. He dropped his hands on her shoulders and turned her away from the window. They looked at each other,holding their breaths. 

"Why are you here, hiding yourself away from the dancing?" He asked her gently, as he rested his hand against her cheek. It was soft and warm.
"Because sometimes it is all just too much for me and need to  be..alone. And honestly, even though this shouldn’t happen, I wanted to see if you would come to find me“, she whispered.

He was looking down at her, running his thumb across her delicate cheek bone, brushed it down across her lips, slightly parted, feeling her breath, his eyes hungrily searching her face. "You tease me. You know I cannot stay away from you." He touched his lips to her. "I cannot“ he whispered again.

We do love summer, daydreams and the smell of wild roses.

photo of lounging lady by Anne Leibovitz for Vogue

text and photo of roses courtesy of moi

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