August 17, 2012

jumpin suit flash: we love sequins and jumpsuits

Daria Werbowy with a sequined jumpsuit by Thierry Mugler
We needed an event of epic proportions (the Olympics no less) to remind us how awesome jumpsuits are (we completely forgot how we loved them as babies - no riding up, no tucking in - what a perfect piece of apparel. We were waiting for the opportunity to finally wear them sans huggies).  We do think we can pull off a sequined sea wall of splashy mermaidesque sass. Who needs a mic? 

Jesse J performing at the closing ceremony London 2012
Mel B. performing with her Spice Girls at London 2012 closing ceremonies
Mel B. and Jesse J we love you for sporting sequins, sparkles and making the overall a glam slam. Who'd have thought that the closing ceremony of these most awesome of glorious games would give us something so completely fashionable?

photo of Daria Werbowy by Cass Bird for
photos of Mel B. and Jesse J courtesy of

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