August 10, 2012

breaking news: Kanye quits fashion

"Kanye quits fashion after his "perfect bitch" Kim is eaten by shoes he designed. The singer will not be gracing the fashion world with his designs ever again. There is a warrant out for the shoes."

Talk about "Little Shop of Horrors". See, this is why actors/athletes/singers should not become 'designers', they are a threat to our well-being. Or at least their girlfriends'. 

Kim darling, just because your boyfriend's name is on the label doesn't mean you have to wear his stuff. Love is blind but the rest of us aren't. You're a fame whore. Have pity on us.

Kanye, your music is cool and we have no problem with you bashing Taylor Swift but honey, really, you have awful awful taste in womens' shoes. 

photos courtesy of the Daily Mail

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