July 16, 2012

who does it best: Emanuelle or Anna? Marion Cotillard for Vogue

It's very hot so we are using this opportunity to stay cool (inside) and comment on fashion magazine covers which is obviously crucial to continued world peace. You're welcome.

The battle of the editors-in-chief is on: August is just around the corner or so the fashion industry says because the August issues of Vogue go on sale in the next few days (why are fashionistas always in a rush? Good lord. Savor the summer we say). Ms. Cotillard, the queen of Cannes and undisputed darling of France, is gracing the covers of both the French and US version of Vogue this month. She is also the latest (maybe last) love interest in "The Dark Knight Rises" so justifiably featured.

The question arises (naturally) who got it right? Emanuelle Alt or Anna Wintour? Personally, we prefer la version française: classic, sumptuous and simple simultaneously, while reflecting a philosophy of fashion (airbrush overkill though) rather than a concrete association with a fashion item (velvet blue blazer? in August? ) plus the hair is not good here on cover USA. We like natural but this is just awful. We also object to so much copy. Really. Surpassing both these covers by far though is The Hollywood Reporter's cover back in June. Shame on you both when an entertainment magazine gets it right and you - Vogue - ostensibly the epitome of all things style - doesn't.

For more on Marion Cotillard in the Hollywood Reporter and her presence in Cannes, click here.

photos courtesy of Vogue and The Hollywood Reporter

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