July 12, 2012

red carpet: Farewell, My Queen

The title refers to the film not Ms. Kruger. Obviously. But she does play Marie Antoinette in the time leading up to the chopping block, focussing on the French Queen's very close relationship with her confidantes, one played by Lèa Seydoux (the girl from the Prada Candy ad)  and Virginie Ledoyen (Leo's girlfriend in "The Beach").

We saw the preview during a screening of Woody Allen's "To Rome with Love" and immediately put it on our list. Looks interesting and since we are partial to well-dressed historical figures, this is a must-see.  Watch the trailer: you'll see what I mean and Mozart's 'Requiem' is used for the soundtrack. Heaven.

(Oh, Ms. Kruger is wearing Azzedine Alaia, looks nice although Joshua Jackson should refrain from the v-neck tee. Or shave his chest. Both together make us want to shower. But not with him. Also, we think Ms. Kruger might consider wearing wigs or a weave or something. Marie Antoinette wore them all the time.)

Still from "Farewell, my Queen" 
"Farewell My Queen" opens Friday, July 13th in New York and Los Angeles

photo of Ms. Kruger courtesy of pop sugar.com
farewell my queen still courtesy of anomalousmaterial.com

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