July 9, 2012

Rapunzel they cut your hair: Princess Charlene in Berlin

The Grimaldis at Schloss Bellevue near Berlin: Charlene and Albert don't make the dashing couple. His tie clashes with her outfit. Her outfit reminds us of Charlize Theron in "Prometheus" but as opposed to Ms. Theron, Princess Charlotte has Rumplestiltskin as a stylist. Somebody is being very mean to poor Charlene. 

Remember when she got married? She had this lovely chignon? Okay, the chignon was also a bit '80-year-old socialite on the Upper East Side' but still better than the Princess Di look. Is she trying to send us a message by sporting the same 'do as Diana? Or is the frump-a-do supposed to distract from the shoulder wrap? Let us save you Princess Charlene.

Princess Charlene at her wedding reception in July 2011
Charlene is obviously partial to blue. It's not the worst color in small doses but a whole outfit? With a figure like hers (tall, statuesque and athletic) we feel she belongs more in on the new "Dallas" rather than Monaco in these pant suits. Besides, who does pant suits?

We strongly recommend calling your fellow South African Charlize for fashion advice.

photos of Charlene courtesy of Tom and Lorenzo

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