July 24, 2012

Project Runway: recap Episode 1, Season 10

the illustrious judges of Project Runway Season 10
Dolce and Gabbana Spring Summer 2012
Season 10 opened with the fashion show shown in Times Square a few weeks ago (yes, we were present, last row, fashionably dressed and did put in a request to Mayor Bloomberg to remove that horrible bronze statue which totally blocked our view of the proceedings)

Completing the pearl necklace of judges next to Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia (we loved her dress) were Patricia Field (costume designer and stylist extraordinaire responsible for Carrie Bradshaw's tiptoeing to fashion fame) and Lauren "Gilmore Girl" Graham.

"We've had more seasons than "I Love Lucy!" Michael Kors says to the crowd. He dared to compare Project Runway to the loves of my TV life Lucy and Ethel? Alright, we shall let it flow since we do love this show.

A very honorable mention of Ms. Garcia's Dolce and Gabbana dress: it was fabulous and is the perfect dress for 40's girls. Seriously. We usually detest addressing age appropriate dressing as we are of the opinion: dress how you like no matter what your age. However, we'd like to put dibs on all jewel encrusted dresses: the jewels reflect the light (it's like walking around with your own personal bounce), cut stones soften the light and the cut of this particular dress itself is extremely flattering. We were less thrilled about the shoes (a tad too chunky we find) but the dress, the hair and her très charmant ways outweigh them. Plus Ms. Garcia has such expressive hands, anything she says sounds lovely.

Christopher's winning dress
Melissa's designs
Episode one is obviously geared toward introducing the designers to us. We deem it slightly early to make hasty judgements about who to watch. We will proceed to make a hasty judgement of whom to watch.

Two to Watch:

Christopher from New York State who lives with his mom and two sisters (this is an influential factor we think) won this challenge ('design a companion piece to the piece representing your design asthetic') with the quite fabulous filagree gown which conjures up Myrna Loy in "The Thin Man" and Jean Harlow in "Dinner at Eight".

Melissa realized political scientists were "not my people" so moved to fashion (we're glad). She is the "black and white goth girl" who designs the cool wearable clothes reminding us somewhat of Mila's style (the asymmetrics and heavy use of black) which is definitely a compliment.

The rest:

  • Beatrice is the sad sweater girl who got "auf wiedersehen"ed already.
  • Ven: the white pant suit guy (yes, he can sew an exquisite rose bodice but will he prove himself unfrumpy and move beyond styling for Queen of Versailles types?)
  • Andrea 'Professor' Katz reminds us of Miss Marple somehow in a giant harlequin sort of way.
  • Dmitry is quiet and moans about everyone else who isn't (everybody else). He is from Belarus and a former ballroom dancer so we are expecting a new view of sequined covered skin.
  • Fabio is from Brazil and hugs. That's pretty much all we can say at this point.
  • Nathan and Sonjia: we know their names and how to spell them.
  • Raul likes lace and doesn't follow trends. Sure you don't sweetheart.
  • Alicia's dreadlocks are nine years long and she explains the evolution of tomboy fashion.
  • Elena has a fencing fetish. Her design aesthetic is reminiscent of Thierry Mugler we think.
  • Lantie is 38, no, 48. She's from California. Yes. This is important information.
  • Koonan Kosuke is a mixture between a harajuku and a chia pet. We think him quite talented and will elevate him to "ones to watch".
  • Last but not least is Gunnar the obnoxious. Seriously. His whiney high-pitched vocal fry gets on our nerves and we're only 4 minutes in. As you would say auf gut oesterreichisch: er ist eine Rauntzen.

Auf Wiedersehen. Next Project Runway on Thursday, July 26th

screen shots courtesy of my lifetime.com
Dolce and Gabbana dress courtesy of nymag.com

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