July 12, 2012

best of the week: the little red dress

We are sure this chick is annoying, self-obsessed and has never worked a day in her life. Plus she is tan (all those weekends in St. Tropez and on Capri can be taxing) and pretty and slim and certainly speaks at least four languages (this we can top..not the tan part though). The one redeeming feature seems to be she has style (at least here) and knows what not to do with her money.

Miss Bianca Brandolini d'Abba, heiress and well-situated daughter of the Count and Countess d'Abba Brandolini and descendants from Palazzo owners on the Canale Grande. We think we might have been neighbors in a former life.

We love the Valentino dress appropriately worn at a Valentino event. We admit she looks lovely.

photo of Biana Brandolini d'Abba courtesy of Harpers Bazaar


N.Scott said...

Yes, lovely dress but not a fan of the shoes. Her toes look like they're taking a bus ride, barely hanging onto the support rope as they turn a corner.

Veronika said...

the one strap sandal is a tricky thing for sure. Unless your feet are small and perfectly manicured (which mine never are) it's a slippery slope and the strap hanger look is inevitable.