July 5, 2012

hot in the city: 10th Tribe has cool and chic

We love simple, we love cool and are constantly searching for something chic to wear in this heat.  New York in the summer is just hot (we may have mentioned this before). West Coast Valley hot pales in comparison and we now know what a turkey feels like roasting in the oven. Despite the swelter, NYC girls don't do slouch; they do chic therefore searching for the perfect dress ticking the double 'cool' boxes (cool style and cool to wear) is an infinite mission.

Voilà two dresses combining our fav elements: black and simple. Paired with the wide belt and platform sandals, the teardrop asymmetrical hemline dress (photos one and two) takes you everywhere. We love the versatility (flat, strappy bijoux sandals make it fun,  flip flops make it casual and toujours chic), the color (black really is the best) and the flowy breezy fit (loose and flattering i.e. not looking like you're wearing a burlap sack is extremely difficult to pull of - this dress totally werqs it).

Dress number two (loose-fitting-below-the-knee) works for us as well although we think this design absolutely needs a high chunky shoe to make it work. The wedge sandal works well and totally compliments the looks - quite perfect. While the white asymmetical t-on-top makes it more casual, it is also essential for adding form.

We love both these dresses and found them on 10thTribe: "a inner circle of friends who create pieces we want to wear". Born in Manhattan, 10thTribe does simple chic. We love it and will always support individual chic over throw-away clothes.

photos courtesy of 10thTribe
first dress available online here
second dress available at these NYC locations 

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