July 18, 2012

Heidi does dancing charades on Jimmy Fallon

Ms. Always smiles was on Jimmy Fallon last night and we have to say, we'd definitely invite Heidi la Klum Klum for a drink. She was charming, fun and down-to-earth. Actually, she was her usual no-nonsense self. We like that. When asked about season 10 of Project Runway, Ms. Klum Klum repeated what we already heard from the press: two contestants bailed early on, stealing away during the night never to be heard from again. Well, we do hope they arrived whereever it is they were going otherwise we'll see Project Runway Designers on 48 Hours Murder Mystery stylishly protesting their innocence while pointing their scissors at each other. "It was Ms. Minkoff with the scissors in the kitchen."

Demonstrating the good sport she is, Heidi participated in a dancing charades session with a member of the audience. Dancing to hip hop, La Klum had to depict sharpening a pencil. The audience kid couldn't figure out the hand gestures but he got a hug afterwards (Probably his plan all along). Very cute.

Oh, did we mention we loved what she wore and her hair looked great. Nicely played Ms. Klum.

Photos courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

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