July 17, 2012

the devil wants my bike especially when it's hot

"I met a devil, but he didn't want my soul, he only wanted to borrow my bike for awhile."  And we don't blame the devil one bit. We want this bike too only we won't give it back.

When our bikes are delivered, we shall bike through the Waldviertel first. (Provençe is way too overrun this time of year) And when it gets terribly steep, we'll have our chauffeur come pick us up.

We will bike through here. Well, not exactly through the fields so much as past them. Obviously. We are not into trail biking at all.

We'll stop and rest near here. (Jeeves will already have found a spot and provided a cashmere blanket)

Then we'll unpack our posh picnic basket and feast on crunchy baguette, gooey camembert and drink from a bottle of magically cool Muskateller. Fresh strawberries to follow. Mahlzeit.

excerpt from the poem "Monsters I've Met" by Shel Silverstein
object of desire(the bike) seen in Vogue Paris
baguette courtesy of italktofood.com
aquarell of Waldviertel courtesy of susannahiess.at
camembert courtesy of 365daysofappreciation.com

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