July 12, 2012

chic of the week: Anne Hathaway

we love the fringe dress
Anne Hathaway coming (or going) to a taping of the David Letterman show. We wonder why she is passing the dumpster. Maybe to change into Cat Woman? In any case, Ms. Hathaway is busy busy busy promoting "The Dark Knight Rises" and explaining why she has short hair.

we love the flower print dress

Ms. Hathaway has cropped hair because she played Fantine, the consumptive "I'm a whore and Cossette has no father" gal in post-revolutionary Paris (1815 for those who don't know when that is) in the latest round of recyclable movies "Les Miserables". This particular version does include a stellar cast to be sure (Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean, Russell Crowe as his nemesis Inspector Javert, Helena Bonham Carter as Madame Thenardier and the go-to-girl for fairy tale rescues Amanda Seyfried as Cosette). "The King's Speech" Director Tim Hooper helms the ship of this ostentatious project and we rather look forward to the latest "Les Miserables". We do hope nobody is going to break out in song though.

Back to Ms. Hathaway: we love her since "The Devil Wears Prada" and the short hair has induced her to go for simple chic, opting for the la Hepburn look (everyone really does look better with sunglasses) which compliments the hair perfectly. Apparently, she moved the casting director to tears while auditioning for the role so there is still a chance Ms. Hathaway might decide to go for homeless instead of wholesome.

Now, anyone who might want to emulate Ms. Hathaway, two things to keep in mind: you are either under 30 (you are young enough to endure the horrid re-growth period without too much trauma) or you have enough money to wear fabulous clothes with fabulous sunglasses. If you do not meet these requirements, we'd suggest not trying the gamine look. To Ms. Hathaway we say: bravo et chic alors.

we love this as well. Just perfect. 
(is there some sort of stipulation to photograph Ms. Hathaway near big iron boxes? Very odd.)

photos courtesy of dailymail.co.uk and gofugyourself


N.Scott said...

Yes a few years ago my mother made that mistake. She thought the cut would take 30 lbs off and make her look like Rachel Welsh. Instead she looked like a butchy lesbian. Of course I never told her that. As of today, she still sports this hairdo. Sigh, what can a daughter do.

Veronika said...

yes. no. one always thinks that with new hair dos. Plus it's so easy to do: snip snip and off comes the hair. Way too quickly. And it takes years to grow back! I had my hair cut a la Hathaway a while ago.

Never again. ;)

And you sound like a good daughter. Venting on sites she will never see is the way to go :)