June 21, 2012

simple and pure: white with bizou bijoux

It's very hot and muggy currently in NYC; not the romantic kind of hot where Marilyn puts her undies in the freezer (although actually we might try that) or lets the famous white dress fly up as the subway passes underneath (you assume it's cool air coming out of the grates; we assure you it's not) in "The Seven Year Itch" but the kind of hot when smoking a cigarette outside equals exertion i.e. we break out in the most undignified sweat.

Sweaty or not, white is cool for the summer. It flatters the complexion (Madonna insists her changing rooms are always in white as it reflects and softens the light for a soft bounce taking years off any hag) and white at the very least conjures up clean and fresh in spite of the heat.

white feather bolero by Gucci 
t-shirt by Petit Bateau
shorts by Esprit

Simple on top allows for twinkly toes. Our favs are the sandals by Sergio Rossi (third from the top, left row). The Viktor & Rolf sandals in the top row middle are sweet as well. A bit of bizou bizou with bijoux for your feet.

Keep cool.

photos courtesy of Elle France 

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