June 1, 2012

red carpet: Prometheus Premiere in London

Charlize Theron is doing a Cannes (perma red carpet appearances) - only stretched over several weeks.
All the "Snow White and the Huntsman" events are out of the way (and thank god no more Kristen Stewart). Now it's time to tackle her next project "Prometheus" which opens world-wide today and had it's premiere in London this week. Lovely in Dior, we still don't like strapless gowns and we think it's just the laziness of designers (easier to alter a strapless gown rather than one with sleeves?).

Also starring in "Prometheus" is Noomi Rapace seen here wearing Valentino. Sleek, simple, no muss or fuss, no unnecessary clunkers hanging about: I like it. We will forever love her as the coolest kick ass chick a film ever gave us as the first Lisbeth Salander. While we did like Rooney Mara, Ms. Rapace won our hearts and we'd love to take hacker lessons from her.

Michael Fassbinder in the rain (no need to bring on the head&shoulders). Of course, anytime one encounters the Irish actor, one thinks back to "Shame" and George Clooney's remarks about his size at the Oscars. That's okay. We don't mind jokes about endowment and we love the polka dot hanky.

It's been recommended to brush up on your knowledge of Greek mythology because then you'll get the movie. All we know is that Prometheus was the guy who stole fire from Zeus (and gave it to us mortals) upon which Zeus tied Prometheus to a rock and an eagle picked at his liver day after day. Pandora (kind of the Greek Gods equivalent of Eve) plays a role in there somewhere as well. There you go. The secret to "Prometheus" the movie has been unlocked. You're welcome.

photo of Ms. Theron coutesy of fashionscanner.com
photos of Ms. Rapace and Michael Fassbinder courtesy of justjared.com