June 15, 2012

red carpet: Catherine Zeta-Jones and Russian ice dancers

Catherine Zeta-Jones is one of the actresses we like and respect: she is a decent actress and appears in some of those movies we have no problem giving a repeat viewing (Chicago, Entrapment, Intolerable Cruelty, No Reservations, The Rebound). We also thought she had a certain type-appropriate style. We were wrong. Or at least she has veered off the tracks twice this week while promoting "Rock of Ages".

Either Russian ice dancer Ludmilla Supraska is Ms. Zeta-Jones' new stylist or she is trying out for "Dancing with the Stars". The dress is one of the more awful 'poison ivy weaving its way up on nude netting' designs. The shoes are awful and her face didn't turn out too well either.

Here we have Ms. Zeta-Jones on her way to a "Daily Show" appearance. We like the dress (on somebody else), we like the shoes (they can stay), she has great legs but honestly, it doesn't suit her at all plus she is committing the cardinal sin of wearing too short on a talk show.  Ms. Zeta-Jones is trying way too hard. We feel sad seeing her like this. (Okay, not too sad but one has to be dramatic about something).  Where did your dignity go Ms. Jones?

photos courtesy of tomandlorenzo.com and celebitchy.com

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