June 9, 2012

Germany's Next Top Model: the finale

Germany's Next Top Model 2012: winner Luisa Hartema 
After twelve weeks of quite entertaining challenges during the Heidi (Klum) version of "Next Top Model" the latest victim was chosen last Thursday. Luisa Hartema, genuinely sweet small town girl whom everybody knew would win from the start, actually did (surprise) win.

This season was surprisingly free of bitches and the usual moaning, whinging and whining (or at least they were cast off early on)  and we have to say the comaraderie amongst the girls was cute. One of the candidates was a former stripper/pole dancer, had a great body and bigger mouth so was kept on almost to the end for entertainment purposes. Conflict ensued when one of the moms of the youngest contestants (Kasia, 16) instructed her daughter to cease and desist with Ms. Sara (bad influence). Otherwise, pretty smooth sailing and no surprises despite Heidi Klum's best efforts to make it seem like another contestant (Sara Anessa) has a chance of wining the title which everyone knew wasn't going to happen since this other girl had 67 teeth and bug eyes. To be fair, Ms. Keira Knightly acts with her teeth so there is hope for the runner up.

We feel the lovely Luisa would have done better to be sent home earlier. She would have made her way in the modeling business without the dubious title and the slavish stipulations concocted by Ms. Klum's father (who manages Ms. Klum's enterprises in Germany) and sets up the contracts for these young girls.

We sincerely hope Luisa succeeds outside in the real modeling world since we think she's got the looks.

the finale of GNTM: Sara Anessa, Dominique, Luisa, Kasia (from left to right) 
We definitely won't be buying anything from this designer.

huge spectacle for the finale of GNTM in Cologne with an audience of 12000: Sara Anessa, Luisa, Dominique
La Klum loves to channel the most successful part of her career as a Victoria's Secret model hence the constant desire to stage tacky feathery shows for the contestants during the finale.

Kasia, Sara Anessa, Luisa, Dominique at the finale in Cologne
Maybe these outfits looked better walking down the runway rather than posing. We find them hideous.

The rock n roll leather look works. Well, aside from the hooves and the odd foilage on the shoulders.  Jorge wears hooves so much better.

This is Jorge - Germany's Next Top Model runway coach. He is awesome.

The two golden girls: Heidi and Luisa: Luisa with the signature index finger ring Heidi always wears. Cloning Heidi -style.

photos courtesy of pro7.de and jolie.de

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