May 22, 2012

Silver Screen Cannes: Nicole Kidman

Jeff Daniels of "Precious" fame directs this cast of questionables (Are you any good Zac? Why "Fool's Gold" Matthew? Are you really going to play Grace of Monaco Ms. Kidman?) in "Paperboy". We are so looking forward to seeing Nicole Kidman play a floozie and we think she'll revive big blonde hair and smeared eyeliner beyond Texas and Liverpool. 

top photo of Ms. Kidman courtesy of
second floozie photo of Ms. Kidman courtesy of

And here we have the cast of "The Paperboy" which garnered some boos from the critics but we suspect it has to do with film fatigue as much as anything else. 

Nicole Kidman in Lanvin looking appropriately statuesque and Macy Gray just looking super cool: love the hair, love the dress. Somebody needs to run a comb through Zac Efron's hair. 

Paperboy red carpet cast photo courtesy of Reuters via Paris Match. 

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