May 19, 2012

Red Carpet Cannes: Paz Vegas

photo of Paz Vegas courtesy of
We are being subjected to a third installment of Madagascar. Its title very original "Madagascar 3" with some sort of token header attached. It was funny the first time, already lagging the second time and we won't bother with Part 3 unless there is absolutely nothing else to watch once it makes it to my cable channel. It seems these animated movies are regularly presented in Cannes for the sole purpose of sprucing up the red carpet with the celebrities behind the voices.

However, we are not here to judge the movie but the lady shown here: Paz Vegas. She is the voice behind a character with a Spanish accent. Her gown is couture Stephane Rolland. It's worth showing because it's different and she looks great. The ruby red nails and ring small but very fine details making her whole appearance 'parfait'. We love this and Ms. Vegas wears the dress better than the model because she has breasts and appears to be able to break out in a bad ass flamenco. Not that every Spanish lady can do the flamenco but one likes to imagine they can.

Stephane Rolland Couture Spring 2012

photo of Ms. Vegas courtesy of
Runway shot courtesy of


N.Scott said...

If I ever get invited to a premium gala as a Clearasil representative remind me never to wear a dress a model has already worn before me. It's like asking, "Who can do this better? Not me."

Veronika said...

ha ha ha! You have tapped into the secret of red carpet success.

Veronika said...

oh - I purchased your book. Am going to start reading it tonight. ;)