May 25, 2012

red carpet Cannes: Kirsten Dunst

If the Lady Victoria Hervey was fancy terrible in pink and too much spray tan (previous post), Kirsten Dunst is fancy (simply) lovely in pink Christian Dior. No fault to be found here (we always tend to favor celebrities who are simpatico and seemingly smart). Based on the roles Ms. Dunst chooses, which is the only thing one can go by really, we find last year's Cannes winner for best actress fabulous.

Here we have Ms. Dunst in Louis Vuitton. We suspect this gown is more of a mover than a poser i.e. looks better in movement rather than standing still. The clutch looks like she broke a piece off a tree but that's okay. The dress conjures up visions of Tahiti - we like the acqua-esqe colors and Ms. Dunst wears the colors well.

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