May 23, 2012

red carpet Cannes: Berenice Marlohe and Diane Kruger

Very pretty hair and generally very nice. Berenice Marlohe in Ferrero Rocher* at the premiere of Brad Pitt's new movie. She is Bond's new associate in "Skyfall" aka the Bond girl.

*I have no idea who the designer is and really, does it matter? It's not like we are going to go out and buy any of these gowns. We are waiting for the moment when the designer calls us and begs us to wear his/her creation. In the meanwhile, I'd rather know who did Ms. Marlohe's highlights.

Diane Kruger with her boyfriend Joshua Jackson in "something white". Ms. Kruger looks lovely and the 40's Marlene Dietrich style suits her although she is showing signs of red carpet fatigue; the Zombie posing is setting in. We understand. Twelve days and nights of Cannes with 48 wardrobe changes must be exhausting. Eat something girl. Your arm looks like it's about to break in half.

photos courtesy of Vincent Kessler/Reuters

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