May 19, 2012

Red Carpet Cannes: Berenice Bejo

Bérénice Bejo in Louis Vuitton in Cannes. She is the mistress of ceremonies this year. Think hostess of a very large celebrity-themed dinner/movie party where you show up and look fabulous. We think: fait accompli. In case you are wondering who she is, may we refresh your memory with one title: The Artist. She played the delightful Peppy Miller. (please next celebrity to have a baby: name it "Peppy". At least it's a name invoking fun instead of dull. "Blue"? please..)

Ms. Bejo was born in the Paris of South America - Buenos Aires - moved to the real Paris when she was 3 (obviously she took her parents with her), made her American film debut in "A Knight's Tale" alongside Heath Ledger and is married to director Michel Hazanavicius (the man whose last name you have to practice over and over again but recommended since we'll be hearing more of him)

Regarding this cherry sorbet chiffon gown: My search amongst Louis Vuitton collections going back to 2005 turned up nothing. Reason why I looked: I'm not convinced it is Louis Vuitton. Very untypical at least for the style and feel of recent collections. Interesting. If anyone finds this dress in a runway archive, please let me know.

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The gown really is beautiful with the bustle type sash and the varying red hues. It suits Ms. Bejo wonderfully well.

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