May 17, 2012

picture of the day: bienvenue à Cannes

Rentz Getty Images Europe

This photo is dedicated to all the reporters and photographers who spend their days and nights working in situations worse than being stuck in coach on Ryan Air. And for Red Carpet events, they are required to wear formal clothes. Working hard is one thing, but working hard in a tuxedo or evening wear is the equivalent to participating in a hot dog eating contest in a corset. I truly admire them. 

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Eve Longoria on the steps du festival du Palais in Cannes wearing Marchesa, attending the opening premiere of Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom" We always wonder what Ms. Longoria is doing at Cannes because really, she's never in any of the films. But she dresses nicely, is lovely to look at and she played Gaby Sollis so she gets a pass to continue attending the festival for no particular reason other than to give the photographers a chance at a glorious photograph.

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Cannes jury member Diane Kruger redeemed herself with this Giambattista Valli gown; a gown Helen of Troy would have definitely worn. (See, we knew she was in a "Troy" state of mind.) All around lovely.

This link takes you to the site where you can see clips and trailers of all the films in competition this year: festival-cannes 2012

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