May 13, 2012

Met Gala: Charlie Brown's teacher

Sarah Jessica Parker in Valentino. Oh good grief.  She looks like Charlie Brown's teacher; you know, the one who made saxophone noise: whiny, bitchy and mean. Take a cue from Carrie and cut your hair and look at Sophia Coppola photographs for some styling tips. This whatever it is you're doing isn't working. You look tired, pissed off and just as annoying as the character Carrie Bradshaw became in SATC II.

On the upside, you look way better than Dick Cheney would in that dress.

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N.Scott said...

I'm a little disturbed by the matching shoes.

Veronika said...

Maybe she's channelling Marie Antoinette. She used to wear shoes matching her gowns as well. Although, to be honest, they usually were of a single color as opposed to curtain material.