May 11, 2012

Met Gala: best fabulous

Rooney Mara in Givenchy: I love this girl and obviously my personal likes factor in to whom I choose. I'm not a huge fan of all the lace/legs showing-through-going on but as a singular appearance captured in a split second of red carpet paparazzi madness, she looks fabulous. Sleek hair without the pin head thing and just allowing herself in a beautiful black gown to quietly seize the moment.

Emma Stone in Lanvin. Girls should wear more short dresses. She is. It's fabulous and she just looks super cute.

Chloe Sevigny in Miu Miu. She belongs to the best fabulous for three reasons: the short 70's style dress, the cute hair and for showing the world her great legs. Plus as a bonus we all imagine she owns an awesome lava lamp. For all the afore-mentioned reasons, I'll forgive the clutch.

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