May 11, 2012

Met Gala 2012: best fabulous runners up

Beyonce in Givenchy. There is moaning on various sites about how they are "so over the sheer lace thing" which I find rather strange since those same people propagate lace as one of the "major trends" I honestly don't care about "trends". If something works, then it works regardless. Beyonce looks fabulous and just really beautiful. And this coming from a person who really abhors all the hype surrounding Mrs. Jay Z.  Spectacular red carpet appearance.

Carey Mulligan in Prada. Suitably Prada - obviously. Not digging the hair but upswept works nonetheless. The dress does remind me of an armadillo but a very fashionable one. Shoes match perfectly.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Prada. I hate-read her Goop newsletter and struggle to get over her "I'm really just a normal person like you and want to share all my trials and tribulations jet-setting all over the world" shtick but she tends to look rather nice at most events. Plus I was recently re-watching "A Perfect Murder" with Michael Douglas and she almost gets strangled to death.

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