May 21, 2012

Casual Cannes: Guy Pearce

photo of Guy Pearce courtesy of

Yes, there such a thing as "Casual Cannes" although it appears to be gender-specific as only guys don't care enough to get dressed up. Well, except Marc Jacobs. Not even Jean-Paul Gaultier is running around in feathers and frocks. Guys (gay or straight) seem happy to just appear and let their inner awesomeness shine.

So why don't more ladies embrace this philosophy? Why do the women put themselves in impossible gowns and dresses to partake in this hysterical red carpet frenzy? Granted, we spectators have fun with it and get to bitch and criticize, uuu and ahhh, love or hate. But really, I'd love to see more of the women there just relax and have their clothes reflect that. You don't have to be dressed to the nines every time you step out of your hotel room. It's exhausting. And I honestly don't know how they do it.  Cue Jessica Chastain: I have lost count of all the red carpet events and photocalls she showed up at  fully turned out from tip to toe.

Where is it written that women in Cannes always have to wear a gown to the red carpet and a dress to photocalls? Isn't there anybody out there happy to just be themselves?

Guy Pearce is appearing for the "Lawless"photocall. We don't care what jeans he is wearing nor what shirt. We know he's talented and that's enough. Ladies: you can do it too. Directed by fellow Australian John Hillcoat, "Lawless" is based on a true story about three brothers during the Prohibition era in Virginia; it also stars Shia Leboeuf, Tom Hardy, Jason Clarke Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska and Gary Oldman. I've heard it's very violent and that Shia Leboeuf overcomes his charisma vacuum. 

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