May 17, 2012

Cannes Red Carpet: Marion Cotillard

We are partial to French actresses, especially this one: Marion Cotillard. She, like most of her French peers, never looks terribly bothered about her looks therefore refreshingly non-hysterical. They actually look like they are enjoying themselves. I like that. Ms. Cotillard appeared on the red carpet earlier this afternoon in Christian Dior for the premiere of her film "Rust and Bone". The director, Jacques Audiard, describes the film as a "sunny romance". Um, it's not really sunny but it is a beautiful story and definitely a movie to remember when it comes to an independent theater near you.

But we are here for gowns as well.

The little kid looks a bit creepy but I love Ms. Cotillard despite the fact that the gown is strapless. She can do no wrong.

For the photocall Ms. Cotillard had on this lovely peach chiffon dress. Not sure about the yellow shoes though. Oh well. She's still fabulous because she doesn't care. I like that.

photos of Marion Cotillard courtesy of and Getty Images


pucefanatic said...

Cotillard was flawless on the red carpet. I absolutely loved her in this Dior gown.

Veronika said...

she really was.

Thank you for stopping by. I visited your site and will definitely stop by regularly. ;)