May 27, 2012

Candid Cannes

Goth chicks smooching on the red carpet. Cute.

Diana Kruger and Joshua Jackson smooching. Cute again. We're glad Ms. Kruger found time to eat. 

Cyndi Lauper and Ron Wood performing at the RonWoodAlive party.  Those parties in Cannes are all so terribly hot and stuffy. I mean that literally. It really is hot in those tents on the beach and in the clubs. Somehow they haven't embraced the concept of ac there yet. 

Diane Kruger still looking relaxed. And there's nothing like having a smoke on your balcony overlooking the Mediterranean. A glass of Rosé please. 

Eva Longoria and that dress. It was definitely a poser dress, not a "let's walk up the stairs elegantly" dress. Assistance please! Or maybe install of those elevator chairs. Draped in crimson velvet with Swarovski stones for the appropriate elegance whilst humming up the stairs. This gives the celebs the "let's wave to the crowd" photo opp. We thought of it first.

Carpet cleaner person color blocking it in red and black with some edge (the sneakers). We'd have chosen a yellow squidgy though for that extra pop of color. And maybe color the water pink. Now that would be something.

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Beth Ditto Kristin Ogata Getty images/
Joshua Jackson, Diane Kruger at dinner courtesy of
RonWoodAlive Party courtesy of
Diane Kruger smoking Reuters/
Eva and the red stairs getty images
wet red carpet Reuters

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