May 25, 2012

behind the scenes: Cannes

If you can't get a hotel room during the festival, beg your favorite designer to sleep in a corner behind the gowns. The Elie Saab showroom is one of the many hotel rooms occupied by designers; stuffed with gowns, frills, feathers,  clutches and shoes. Seamstresses are on hand to nip and tuck at the sigh of a star's whim.

Elie Saab Showroom Cannes

Screw sensible shoes - this guy came prepared.

Umbrellas. Never forget an umbrella when you travel to Cannes. When it rains, it pours.

photos of Elie Saab showroom courtesy of Vogue Paris
photo of platforms on apple box courtesy of 
photo of 'Umbrellas' courtesy of  Getty Images via Gala

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