May 30, 2012

Au Revoir Cannes

The 65th Cannes festival is over and now Cannes can rest and rejuvenate until the next horde of let's party people arrive in three weeks (ad execs are considerably more low key dressers despite what you see on "Mad Men").

Andie MacDowell graced the red carpet for the final day in Armani. And she looks good. While showing some skin, it's not overtly obvious and horrible like so many we've seen. We like her. We have forever fond memories of Ms. MacDowell from "Green Card" and "Four Weddings and a Funeral".

photo courtesy of Vogue Italia
Jury member Diane Kruger chose Christian Dior Haute Couture for the closing ceremonies. This is what Marie Antoinette would have worn whilst playing shepardess at Petit Trianon. And frankly, this gown would have been way more interesting had Ms. Kruger hired some sheep to follow her or at least incorporated some sort of curly do (how cool would a blonde fro have been?)

While the gown is impressive gliding over the red carpet, sitting with this thing is awkward. Only a tenacious grip on the arms of her chair kept Ms. Kruger from tilting over backwards. The gown is not awful but Marie Antoinette and her ladies-in-waiting had big hair to counter balance the width extending pannier dresses. It werqed.

Diane Kruger in Chanel courtesy of fashiontv
All in all, Ms. Kruger wins the prize for the most wardrobe changes (she was there twelve days after all) with not too many faux pas. The only outfit we really hated was on day one - the I am Sparta! or Troy or whatever Versus dress -  but after that, she showed consistent taste.

We'd like to extend a heartfelt "bravo" for her choice of demure Chanel (above) for the amFAR charity event when most everybody else showed up looking like hookers. Seriously.


N.Scott said...

Ok...have to confess I really really love that Christian Dior dress. Bold, over the top and yet elegant. It's a dress people will remember and not in a wrap-a-dead-animal-around-your-neck kind of way.

But I also agree, the hair has got to go...

Veronika said...

Oh goodness yes. The Dior dress is definitely preferable to all those Salome of the 7 veils rags some of these chicks were wearing.


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