April 16, 2012

Zooey, Kristen and Penelope

Zooey Deschanel is attending the premiere of Paul McCartney's new music video (they do premieres for that?) and yes, she looks very cute although the strapless thing is precariously low. I'm certain she'd handle any wardrobe malfunction with something "adorkable" and everybody would say how "adorkable" she handled it. So yes, I am somewhat sick of hearing about how "adorkable" she is. She was annoying in "500 Days of Summer" now even more so. It's not really her fault but I have no one else to blame. I have no idea who the other chick is but the yellow shoes against the hideous green background isn't doing her any favors.

Kristen and Gwen at the same function.  Now, despite my former thoughts on Zooey, I'd prefer replacing Kristen's head with Zooey's. That's how much this chick annoys me. The outfit is rather sweet but that face..the hair...I'll take "adorkable" over insultingly boring any day. And Ms. Stefani looks like Ms. Stefani - a little stuck in the 80's but still cute.

And finally, for a "all good things come in threes" we have Ms. Cruz in Rome attending a press junket for Woody Allen's latest stop on his European film travels movie "From Rome with Love". I've said it before, and I will reiterate again: Penelope Cruz is gorgeous and a convincing actress but she often just gets the styling wrong. Despite her petite-ness (and this seems to be common occurrence on the red carpet) the dress is too small. What is up with that? And since the dress makes up 60% of the outfit, even better hair and some Prada Mary Janes would not have helped much. Ladies and gentlemen who style these stars: do your job. Get them a dress that fits, at the very least. Seriously.

photos courtesy of Fashionscanner

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