April 30, 2012

worst worst dressed: White House Correspondents Dinner 2012

Rosario Dawson in Armani Privé: girl, you obviously have a smoking hot body but do you really want to be introduced to Mr. President with a decolltée that could be a boob double for Beyoncé's bum? (That conjures up a weird image, I know but you get the message)

Malin Akerman in vintage something or other: The shoes do induce a double-take but for all the wrong reasons. After you get over the shoes (beige clashing with the ivory color of the gown on black platforms with the clutch matching the platforms? please) The dress is too small and too short. Wait, I take that back: the dress does not suit you. That's all. Your hair is lovely though.

Where to begin? Katherine Schwarzenberg darling: aside from the fact that your dress is hanging on for dear life, it's wrinkled, the black shawl looks like a rag and your hair stylist must be from Dallas or been watching too many re-runs of Dallas. You are very pretty and wholesome looking. Really, next time ditch the gown and just come in jeans and a t-shirt with your hair in a pony tail. At least you'll shock people for irreverence instead of giving them a frump jolt.

Sigourney Weaver in a black satin sack. Ms. Weaver: you are marvelous. You kicked Alien ass and belong to the sly horrible bosses from hell way before we met Miranda Priestly ("Working Girl" anyone?)  You deserve better because you are tall and svelte. Sack your stylist. Or hire one. I'm not sure. Just get a different gown next time.

photos courtesy of popsugar.com

NB: This post is a re-write or re-post as the original disappeared for reasons I cannot fathom nor retrace. It was originally posted on April 30th so I would like to mention for the record I am not hopelessly behind red carpet events.


Matthew Alexandre said...

great choice of worst dressed ! i like some of these gowns though !

Veronika said...

There was a lot to choose from as I'm sure you've
seen. ;) And you are absolutely right - some of
the gowns are lovely - just either too small or
on the wrong lady. The emerald green is quite fabulous
and a lovely color for Rosario just too small. She took
the "less is more" the wrong way.

Which gowns did you like? Kim Kardashian's was
beautiful, no?