April 27, 2012

temple of bags: the handbag room at Liberty London

"Room" is an understatement; the handbag room at Liberty London is more of a temple dedicated to the most beautiful bags money can buy. Loving bags isn't a prerequisite for taking a stroll through one of the most perfect department stores in the world: Liberty London on Great Marlborough Street. I absolutely adore this place because it's small and has an exquisite collection of style and fashion (they have buyers with immaculate taste). True to form and my credo - less is more - I'll take shopping here to almost any place in the world. Selfridges is just down the street but it is so huge and overwhelming,  you need a GPS to find your way around. At Liberty, everything is just perfection and yes, the handbag room (it really should be re-named handbag theater) is to the bag lover what Willy Wonka is to the chocolate factory: divine and delicious.

I often did post-production during my Nike commercial producing days at The Mill, just a five-minute walk away from this Tudor-style building. And it was at Liberty I discovered not only Gucci and Prada make delightful bags.

photos courtesy of Liberty London Facebook page

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