April 11, 2012

black and white: Love on the Run

L'amour en fuite or 'Love on the Run' is the name of a French film by Francois Truffaut. It is also the title of the editorial in the April 2012 issue of Vogue Paris, photographed by the master of black and white designer grunge photography Peter Lindbergh. I always thought he was Danish (that might have been the Helen Christensen association), but he was actually born in Poland, grew up in Germany and moved to the city of crumbling black and white grace - Berlin - when he turned 18. His poetic melancholy Cabaret 1920's aesthetic, that dancing on the volcano vibe certainly influences his visual style. Maybe the Wim Wenders of fashion photography? Lindbergh's women are imprisoned by tremendous memories looking fabulous while they run. I like it. 

For the entire editorial, check out Vogue France's April 2012 issue. For more on Peter Lindbergh, click here. 

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