March 8, 2012

Marni at H&M: first day

One advantage to being in Vienna (as opposed to being back home in New York)  when H&M opens the first day for its guest designer sales: no lines. People here don't stand in line for anything. The downside: the collection is smaller i.e. not every piece is in the store. Never mind. After drinking a coffee across from the Opera house, I meandered down to the H&M Kaerntnerstrasse, some of those cool lime green Marni shopping bags already wandering by, dangling from various peoples' hands.

The materials used in this collection: knit combined with patent leather, brocade and silk.  The pieces are decently made (better than the usual h&m fare) and more or less wearable depending on your level of bravura.  I took the plunge and tried the shiny jacket. It's actually quite cool; the purple/black color combination. All the pieces fit rather well but I stuck with the basic black and one splash of color: the bright yellow/green tote. Maybe I'll go back for the brocade top tomorrow.

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