March 23, 2012

French glamour à la Anouk Aimée

If you haven't seen "A Man and A Woman"with Anouk Aimee and Jean-Louis Trintigant, directed by Claude Lelouch. Go see it, preferably in the cinema, that place of light and warmth as rain and darkness descend outside.  The movie is legendary; Anouk Aimee's classic chic as well.

the above leather coat by Joseph Janard seen at Peek & Cloppenburg € 399.00
sunglasses: no idea but you get the feel of what this style is about

"A Man and A Woman" was shot in color and black & white.  You might remember the theme song by Francis Lai. This was the ultimate date movie of the 1960's. Works pretty well today too.

Ardent film fans like to think the choice of using two different film stocks was Lelouch's assiduous cultivation of stylish visuals as opposed to the ostensible real reason the director himself attested to: he simply ran out of money. Black and white stock was cheaper which goes to show too much money can stifle creativity because you get lazy.


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