March 12, 2012

ads: yé-yé spirit with L'eau de Chloé

No star in this ad (well, except for French model Camille Rowe) just a free spirit dancing skipping through high grass, swinging from trees, and lots of wind-blown hair. Very 1960's. An interesting experiment: watch the ad with the soundtrack from France Gall's "Laisse tomber les filles", a Lolita-type who looks a lot like Miss Camille in this ad. 

Here is what Alex Linhart from has to say about the the song (one of the top 200 of the decade): "In 1964, Gall was a 17-year-old ingénue, but her mentor - a promising 36-year-old lecher named Serge Gainsbourg - turned garish jailbait euphemisms into an art form. Accompanied by swooning trumpets and speakeasy bass, Gall makes her way through a tawdry jukebox-slapping cabaret populated by alchoholics and nymphettes. If pop music is supposed to combine virginity and carnality, "Laisse Tomber les Filles" might well be the pinnacle of yé-yé ecstasy." 

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