February 24, 2012

we all scream for Prada or does Prada scream for us?

The thing about Prada is this: the clothes, bags and shoes are so distinctive, they scream Prada a mile away. I'm not sure this is a good thing. Don't get me wrong: I adore Prada the label and Prada the designer: she is innovative and everything is beautifully hand-crafted. But I don't necessarily want everybody to know I'm wearing Prada from three blocks away. This will definitely be the case with pretty much every piece of the Fall Winter 2012 collection and I'm sure this bag is already sold-out on pre-order which is fine by me. I'll take one of the simpler bags. The best bags, shoes and pieces of Prada fall winter 2012 according to moi here. Or just click on the tumblr button.

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