February 14, 2012

tea and cupcakes in Vienna

There was a girl who was bored with her tea. 
What to do? So she pondered.
and pondered..
until she found some sugar and put it in her tea. 
White Swan, Red Swan, Pink Swan: dance of the colorful swans. 
the sugar gave her a high but she still wanted a cupcake. Give a cupcake today. 
photos courtesy of D'Arbo Austria. The TV commercial for D'Arbo tea syrup below: a little piece of art wrapped in an ad. 

Darbo TV-Spot "Teesirup" from Darbo on Vimeo.


Fat Piggy said...

That was beautiful. Xo

Veronika said...

thank you. I can only take credit for thinking the same as you. ;)

happy valentine's day xx